Inside Microsoft SharePoint 2010

Inside Microsoft SharePoint 2010

Build custom SharePoint 2010 solutions with deep architectural insights from the experts. Get a detailed look inside SharePoint 2010—and master the intricacies of developing intranets, extranets, and Web-based applications. Guided by an author team with in-depth knowledge of SharePoint architecture, you'll gain task-oriented guidance and extensive code samples to help you build robust business solutions. Discover how to: Master fundamental development techniques for SharePoint Foundation Deploy your SharePoint application as a sandboxed solution for more stable and security-enhanced code Create page templates, master pages, Web Parts, custom controls, and event handlers Develop custom field types, site columns, content types, and list definitions Query SharePoint lists with the LINQ-to-SharePoint provider Use the Client Object Model in JavaScript and Microsoft Silverlight applications Customize the Enterprise Content Management (ECM) capabilities in SharePoint 2010 Configure and extend Business Connectivity Services (BCS) and Enterprise Search

Publisher Pearson Education
Release Date
ISBN 0735660808
Pages 700 pages
Rating 4/5 (09 users)

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