How to Earn from Youtube Videos?: My Experience with Youtube

How to Earn from Youtube Videos?: My Experience with Youtube

Everyone needs Money for living a comfortable Life. The Money that you receive as salary for your work is having some limitations. For example, you won't receive salary if you stop doing your work, and your salary won't be increasing drastically. Doing Business will break these limitations. But many Businesses involve lot of Investments and Risks. So, many people are looking for a way to generate passive income without doing much investment. For them, YouTube is a best option. Running a YouTube channel can help anyone to convert their skills into Money, that too passive Money. YouTube had created many Millionaires, and lot of people are earning significant money from their YouTube Channels. This book is NOT for telling any secret ways for earning money from YouTube, and it is NOT going to give any tutorial about YouTube. It is just for sharing Author's understanding and experience with YouTube by running his YouTube Channel "QualityPointTech". This Book will be useful for understanding some overview of the ways about earning money from YouTube. People who are interested to work from Home can utilize the opportunity given by YouTube for earning money. Find below the Topics covered in this Book. Introduction Disclaimer Why I Chose YouTube for Earning Money? How to Earn Money from YouTube? YouTube Channel Running Tips My Experience with YouTube My Suggestions for Beginners Three things to keep in Mind always About Preparing Interests List Video Promotion Tips Using Subtitles, Translation and Live Mistakes to Avoid About using Paid Ads Some Random Tips Dealing & adding Comments Beyond YouTube Video Suggestion FAQs Are People really making Money from their YouTube Channels? What is YouTube Partner Program (YPP)? How do I monetize my YouTube channel using Google AdSense? How can my videos make Money? One of my Videos is getting many Dislikes. Will these Dislikes affect the search position or any other organic traffic? Apart from using YouTube Analytics, can I use the Google Analytics to know more details about the traffic to my YouTube Channel? How to promote my YouTube Videos using Google Adwords? How much does YouTube pay per subscriber? What is YouTube Red? What do people get for joining? Will my content be available with YouTube Red? Do I need to pay to join YouTube Red to keep my content on YouTube? I'm a creator based outside of the U.S., how will YouTube Red impact my content? Should I make longer videos to get higher watch time? How much money do YouTubers earn? Where can I view my YouTube earnings? What is a Content ID claim? What is Copyright strike ? How do I get paid? When do I get paid? How do I receive money from AdSense? Does Google AdSense provide official payment documents? What is Address (PIN) verification ? What is Multi-Channel Network (MCN) ? What are End Screens and Cards? What does the Yellow Dollar Sign mean on YouTube? What are the best practices for adding Thumbnails for the Videos? Can I replace a video in my YouTube Channel? Can I make changes to uploaded videos? What are the best practices for metadata? What is the importance of adding subtitles & closed captions (CC)? How to do Live Streaming using YouTube? I am NOT a tech-savvy person, but good at Music/Photography/Dance/Arts/Teaching/Gaming/Comedy/etc. All these Terms are confusing me. Whether I need know/do all these things to Earn Money from YouTube? Conclusion

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