The Don't-Get-Caught Doodle Notebook

The Don't-Get-Caught Doodle Notebook

It's a doodle book. It's a notebook. Actually, it's both. Great for ages 10 to 110, this doodle notebook is anything but the usual cute and quaint kind. It's subversive, irreverent, and most of all FUN! That's why every kid (and many adults too!) will want this fool-the-teacher notebook that offers oodles of doodle possibilities when the brain needs a break. On the surface, it looks exactly like one of those innocuous black-and-white marble composition books. But inside it has cartoons to imitate, unfinished doodles to complete, and games to play. Plus, it includes the scoop on what really happens in the teacher's lounge. Spark up a boring moment by competing in a caption contest, designing your own logo, making temporary tattoos, and mastering the art of note-passing and creating secret codes. Of course, since the teacher just might come walking by at any moment, there are even actual class notes to turn to.

Publisher Lark Books
Release Date
ISBN 9781579907020
Pages 128 pages
Rating 4/5 (24 users)

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