Northumberland Folk Tales

Author: Malcolm Green

Publisher: The History Press

Total Pages: 128

Balfour M.C. and Thomas, N.W., Northumberland: County Folklore (London: Folklore Society, 1904) Bates, Brian, The Real Middle Earth (Sidgwick and Jackson, 2002) Bede, with Judith McClure and Roger Collins (eds), The Ecclesiastical ...

The Folk-tales of the Magyars

Author: W. Henry Jones


Total Pages: 562

Niebelungen quoted , 351 Night and dawn , tying up of , in folktales , 326 Nimrod , giant legend of , viii . ... 404 , 408 , 410 , 415 , 421 Northumberland folklore , 343 , 383 Norwegian giant beings , 340 Nose , sausage grows to man's ...

English Fairy Tales and Legends

Author: Rosalind Kerven

Publisher: Batsford

Total Pages: 215

The Secret World of Magic Northumberland Folk Tales The Fairy Spotter's Handbook The Enchanted Forest King Arthur Aladdin and Other Tales from the Arabian Nights The Giant King (Norse) Enchanted Kingdoms (Celtic) The Mythical Quest ...

Publications of the Folk-lore Society



Total Pages: 416

An excellent Northumberland ghost story . 26. “ Frae gudame's mouth auld warld tale they hear , O ' warlocks louping round the wirriknow . ... The name of this sprite is met with in the Fairy tales of Northumberland .

Shakespeare's Folktale Sources

Author: Charlotte Artese

Publisher: Rowman & Littlefield

Total Pages: 255

... 145 Estonian folktales, 32 ethics, 152, 167n42 European literature, 53–54 Evans, Bertrand, 85, 86, 88, 130 eye-for-an-eye retribution, 53 The Faerie Queene (Spenser), 7, 22n1 “The Fair Flower of Northumberland” ballad, ...

The Watkins Book of English Folktales

Author: Neil Philip

Publisher: Watkins Media Limited

Total Pages: 368

She contributed stories and articles to periodicals such as Macmillan's Magazine, sent further folktales to Jacobs for More English Fairy Tales, and gathered together material from printed sources for the Northumberland volume of the ...


Author: Joseph Jacobs


Total Pages:

Pagan festivals , abolition of , in Russia Northamptonshire fairy punishment , hy Ivan the Terrible , 467 tale of , 213 Palaeo - Koundura , flower festival at , , hiring time in , 315 518 Northumberland fairy punishment , Palm Sunday ...

Tyne and Wear Folk Tales for Children

Author: Adam Bushnell

Publisher: The History Press

Total Pages: 192

Brockie, W., Legends and Superstitions of the County of Durham (Williams 1886) Grice, F., Folk Tales of the North ... J., More English Fairy Tales (John D. Batten 1894) Morgan, J., Tales of Old Northumberland (Countryside Books 2006) ...