Treating Allergies with the F.X. Mayr-Cure

Author: Harald Stossier

Publisher: Thieme

Total Pages: 139

Written by a leading practitioner of the groundbreaking F.X. Mayr cure, which equates allergic reactions with poor digestive health and accumulated toxins, this new book discusses how this innovative approach can be applied to allergy ...

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Food allergy - Popular works . ... VIRAL infections and treatment / 616.9'1 edited by Helga Rubsamen - Waigmann . ... 616.97 Treating allergies with F. X. Mayr therapy : mobilizing the body's self - healing powers / Harald Stossier .

New Trends in Allergy IV

Author: Johannes Ring

Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media

Total Pages: 376

Magnetic field therapy – Microbiologic therapy – Neural therapyOrganotherapy (enzyme therapy, peptide therapy, ... photography and diagnostics - Energy endpoint diagnostics – F.X. Mayr diagnostics – Hair analysis – Phronemology ...

The Alkaline Cure

Author: Stephan Domenig

Publisher: Harlequin

Total Pages: 176

F.X. Mayr was a great advocate for milk as a nutritious food but his milk was unpasteurized and from organic farms near the health center. Over the years pasteurization has become ... for those with allergies than cow's milk cheese.

Allergens and Allergen Immunotherapy

Author: Richard F. Lockey

Publisher: CRC Press

Total Pages: 576

Anti-IgE therapy may also be used as a pretreatment for OIT to reduce allergic side effects associated with OIT and ... Food allergy herbal formula (FAHF-2) FAHF-2 is a non-antigen-specific approach to treat food allergies and was ...