Practical Heritage Management

Author: Scott F. Anfinson

Publisher: Rowman & Littlefield

Total Pages: 544

Practical heritage management attempts to find effective, efficient, economical, and ethical solutions to everyday problems—solutions that address what is necessary and doable, not what is necessarily perfect or ideal.

Routledge Handbook of Sustainable Heritage

Author: Kalliopi Fouseki

Publisher: Taylor & Francis

Total Pages: 576

Katherine Curran, Junnan Bao, Heather Oakley, Argyro Gili and Kalliopi Fouseki Introduction This chapter investigates how the complex concept of 'value' can best be incorporated into the practical heritage management exercise of risk ...

Archaeology and Heritage

Author: John Carman

Publisher: A&C Black

Total Pages: 240

This is very much a body of 'howto' literature, and, as such, very valuable to heritage practitioners. ... It concerns the procedures and tools of practical heritage management, especially archaeological heritage management.

Managing Sacralities

Author: Ernst van den Hemel

Publisher: Berghahn Books

Total Pages: 280

That difference can be explained through the combination of top-down heritage preservation according to UNESCO guidelines, with practical heritage management by a site manager employed by a local church body that enjoys a high degree of ...

Archaeological Heritage Management

Author: Henry Cleere

Publisher: Routledge

Total Pages: 324

management and improving its practical applications. British universities are notorious for their lack of attention to the practical side of archaeology. Few do more than require students to undertake two or three weeksJ experience at ...

The Cultural Landscape & Heritage Paradox

Author: Tom Bloemers

Publisher: Amsterdam University Press

Total Pages: 739

As argued in section 1, 'practical archaeological heritage management' is characterized by concepts of 'individualization' and 'economization' of spatial perception and is accompanied by a changing national identity.

Heritage Management at Fort Hood, Texas

Author: Glynn Barrett

Publisher: Archaeopress

Total Pages: 148

Most useful of all , it does this in the context of hard , practical applications founded firmly on real - world land use conflicts and managements . Whilst primarily in origin an applied practical tool ( Clark et al .

Farming, Forestry and the Natural Heritage

Author: Scottish Natural Heritage

Publisher: The Stationery Office

Total Pages: 344

The range of sources of knowledge which inform natural heritage management are outlined . These include research , demonstration sites , and practical experience . The need to gather knowledge from experienced land managers is ...

Managing Archaeological Resources

Author: Francis P McManamon

Publisher: Routledge

Total Pages: 300

However, increasing contact has demonstrated clearly that partnerships between Aboriginal people and archaeologists or heritage managers has many practical issues and problems even with the best will on both sides.