How Words Mean

Author: Vyvyan Evans

Publisher: OUP Oxford

Total Pages: 396

In no sense is the meaning of [an] ... utterance ''right there in the words.'' When we understand an utterance, we in no sense are understanding ''just what the words say''; the words themselves say nothing independent of the richly ...

'What May Words Say . . . ?'

Author: Inge Leimberg

Publisher: Fairleigh Dickinson

Total Pages: 286

(424-25), the word means "to wait on, to serve";58 and in this sense it is used very often in Shakespeare's plays.59 If attendance means service it cannot but mean obedience, for obedience and service are semantically closely related; ...

The Words Say It All

Author: Gwen Swinton

Publisher: Balboa Press

Total Pages: 158

As we watch the sun go down Lying in each other's arms The end of another beautiful day You turn to me and smile Not saying a single word I know what's in your heart Just the two of us together Will find the peace we need Together, ...

Stories That Words Tell Us

Author: Elizabeth O'Neill

Publisher: DigiCat

Total Pages: 151

impossible to know who were the makers of most words. Even new words cannot often be traced to their makers. Some one uses a new word, and others pick it up, and it passes into general use, while everybody has forgotten who made it.

Desi Words Speak of the Past

Author: Dr Liny Srinivasan

Publisher: Author House

Total Pages: 572

it is not a regular letter that is to say that the name could be Mašaššra versus Egyptian m-s-s-r. ... Usually the translators bypass the name as an obscure word but the name is too uniquely Egyptian to be mistaken.

Hades; or, the Intermediate state of man

Author: Henry CONSTABLE (Chaplain of the City of London Hospital for Diseases of the Chest.)


Total Pages: 167

In what words does He describe it ? He does not tell him that He is going to take him up to heaven , or to give him a place in paradise , or to remove him ... God's Word says he did , and that all his fathers before him did the same .

Atlantic Reporter



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There is no word in the testator's will as to whom he meant by the words " her right heirs , ” except those words themselves . Those words must speak for themselves . And , the question in this case being what technical words mean ...

Let the Reader Understand

Author: Edwin K. Broadhead

Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing

Total Pages: 384

(which is to say, Luke) understands the prophecy to mean that the conception will take place immediately.20 Her question, “How will this be, since I do not have sexual ... 22 “Let it be to me according to your word,” says Mary.